yurodivuie (yurodivuie) wrote,

PS3 died last night.  I'll be replacing it; I've got too many games, controllers, and blue ray movies.  As a launch model, it lasted a good while (it's actually been replaced once already, after an early power supply failure), but I suspect the MAG/FFXIII/CrunchRoll triple team would likely be the death of it.  I learned my lesson this time, though, and tore it to shreds to retrieve the disk it ate and recover the precious hard drive.  Also, if anyone is looking for spare ps3 parts, I can supply.

In other news, I presided over my first in-game wedding, for which I wasn't as prepared as I would like to be, but turned out grand.  I've never run a wedding, but the situation was a lot of fun... a player forced into marriage after being captured (her wedding present: the soul of the man she loves) with hostages on the line and an assassin in the eaves arriving just in time... but hesitating a moment too long.

The Story of the Stone is finished, and now I'm reading some commentary on it.  In the end, I sympathize most with Bao Chai, and couldn't stand the star-crossed lovers.  Bao Yu, the protagonist, seems so repulsive by the end that I wonder if (a) I have no understanding of Chinese society and just can't see what a great poster-child he makes for disenchantment, (b) the editors didn't like him or the original message of the book, or (c) the author is willfully trying to subvert his stated mission with the book.
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